At Ashray Bhavan we rejoice in providing these children a healthy, pollution free environment, good nutritious food, medical and health care, satisfactory level of education and skill training to make them self reliant.

This is just a humble attempt to offer identity, dignity,and self confidence to a few from among the many.

Current focus is on boys in the age group of five to ten years old when they come into Ashray Bhavan.

The home is built upon a solid foundation of love and care on about a little less than an acre of land, well secured and connected with the City of Faridabad in the Haryana State about 30 kms from New Delhi.

The home can house maximum fifty children in two dormitory`s of twenty five each.There is a spacious class room for studies, dinning room for food, and a garden, including a kitchen garden for growing vegetables.

All the boys are being sent to a regular school in an effort to bring them up as normal as possible.

All the forty children are either abandoned, or having single parent / disadvantaged parents, or are complete orphans.

Who are the needy and the underprivileged

  • Children who are victims of poverty, illiteracy and negligence.
  • Children who live in unhealthy and unhygienic conditions.
  • Children who are displaced, orphans,abandoned and neglected.
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