Imagine a world where children (who would otherwise be on the roads perhaps, fending for themselves) are healthy, happy and free to enjoy their childhood. Imagine a world where every one of us, in our small way extends help to uplift their conditions; and imagine a world where we are the world!

Helping people in need is perhaps the highest form of service we can render. Serving People in Need (SPIN) is a network of national initiatives dedicated to render service in order to relieve suffering, ignorance and oppression. SPIN is a charity registered according to Society's Act of 1860.

Ashray Bhavan is a home built as the outcome of a dream to uplift the needy and underprivileged children followed by commitment to provide shelter, education and skill to prepare them for a self reliant life. At Ashray Bhavan we rejoice in providing these children healthy, pollution free environment, security, good & nutritious food, medical & health care, satisfactory level of education and skill training to make them self reliant. This is just a humble attempt to offer identity, dignity and self confidence to a few from among the many.

Serving People in Need (SPIN) is affiliated to World in Need International (WIN Intl) in the global context which has associates in other countries as well. This partnership is vital and helpful for the exchange of views, innovations in various related fields. It also complements to identify child sponsorships and funds for developing new areas of operations and projects. Ashray Bhavan is also a partner NGO with Haryana State Government under its Department of Social Welfare Programmes.
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