His family consists of his mother and a little brother. He does not remember his father because he left home when Deepak was only 2 years old. His father took away his elder brother who was 5 years old then. ...more

Babu’s mother works as a domestic servant and earns just to sustain the family. Babu’s sister is in a girl’s hostel as it is not safe for her to be at home. Babu says his father can never be trusted in any way. His father does odd jobs and whatever he earns he spends in his drinks. ...more

Both his parents are very sick. Hence they are not able to take care of all the children at home. He has an older brother who is suffering from incurable tuberculosis and slowly dying. The parents did not treat him at the right time and the child suffers due to this. ...more

Many times he has hurt them with sharp objects and picked up Arun and others and hit them on the floor. When he is really sick he throws things around and break things at home. There are times when he refuses to recognize his own wife and children. ...more

He made bad friends, used abusive languages, would steal money and things from neighbors’ house and shops. Their mother who works as a maid in homes nearby did not have the time to guide them and see that they went to school. ...more

His father is a Rickshaw puller and a mother a house wife. After a day’s hard work there isn’t enough money to keep them going. They live in a shanty that has mud plastered walls and floors. ...more

They earn little money here and there to buy themselves drugs. These boys stay out most of the time. There are times when they are very ill and have to be admitted to the hospital. Many times the cops have put them behind bars and the father had to pay penalty to release them. ...more

His job is not a regular one. His grandfather is a guard in a Church compound. Nelson has never experienced his mother’s love. Nelson’s eyes always fill with tears when other children talk about their mother. ...more

She wanted Jabbar study and do well in life. Jabbar’s father’s first wife’s two older boys are drug addicts and Jabbar’s mother did not want him to fall into that habit. ...more

He was brought to Delhi from Bihar and his uncle earned money from rag picking. Gajender too was involved in this. Gajender’s entire day was spent in garbage dumps looking for pieces of metal ...more

Mother is a housewife. They are extremely poor. Sujit father is a alcoholic and wastes lot of money on his drinks. ...more

The entire family of seven has to survive with the income earned by the father. There are days at a stretch when he doesn’t earn anything. Somveer father is an alcoholic and abuses his mother ...more

Santosh remembers that until his father came they had no food to eat and they were crying. He always says that his mother was very bad and never cared for them. ...more

He was very weak and very malnourished. His teeth were all much stained because he says he never brushed. He had not eaten many foods so every time he saw something new he would get excited and overeats and ended up with indigestion. ...more
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